Freight volume of china-europe railway trains from Heifei exceeds the total in 2018

Since 2019, the china-Europe freight train in Hefei has shipped 182 trains, an increase of 237.04% year-on-year.The total value of goods shipped was $607 million, up about 162.7% year on year.

Among them, the shipping volume has exceeded the annual level of 2018.Since the china-Europe railway train in Hefei running in June 2014. Currently, there are 14 routes, including 8 routes to central Europe, 3 routes from central Asia and 3 routes to central Asia.

The mainly goods shipped include robot and mechanical spare parts, washing machines, freezers, tires, automobiles, etc., including medium and high-end photo-voltaic products, electric cars, circuit boards and other goods.

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