Air freight is a safe and efficient way of transporting cargo and it is especially useful for transporting high-value products when time is a premium. At Freight Solution Limited, we can be your major source of supply in managing your air freight, and we will manage about every aspect of the logistics management including shipping via air. One of the major advantages of shipping via air is the speed of delivery. A delivery which can take as long as ten days on sea would take no more than three days on air and delivering this fast makes a huge difference in gaining an edge over the competition.

There are different air cargo types and they can be divided into:

  • General cargo
  • Special cargo


General cargo includes electronics, jewelry, wristwatches, pharmaceuticals and other high value materials. Electronic cargo accounts for about 40% of international cargo and they, along with other general cargo goods need to be transported in excellent condition. Although shipping via air is more expensive than on sea, it means when you consider the savings you will make in time especially when you have a market ready for your goods.


Special cargo includes live animals, dangerous goods and goods which need temperature control. For example, chemicals are dangerous and seafood requires preservation during the course of transportation. Perishable and hazardous goods can be subject to regulation unlike general cargo and require numerous inspections and have to meet various requirements - not every airline will accept items of this nature.

When bringing goods for shipping, ensure you get complete information about what you will be shipping because if you leave out any details you might get penalized. Usually, after testing, most of the cargo can then be classified as general and there should be a report showing the result of this test.

If you have goods that you need moved and you have the dimensions, weight and timeline, then Freight Solution Limited can be your air freight forwarder. We will handle urgent, high-value, time-sensitive or perishable deliveries.

We deliver as early as possible and make it as smooth as possible, including a competitive air shipment quote. Whether you need an airport to airport or airport to door delivery, we are on hand to handle it, providing:

  • Cargo insurance
  • Fumigation and inspection
  • Door to Door service
  • Direct flights worldwide
  • Single source quoting
  • Custom clearance at origin or destination
  • Competitive air freight rates

Freight Solution Limited covers major shipping destinations around the world at the best prices. Also, we can deliver to a preferred destination depending on where the shipment is located and the available schedules. We depend on reliable partners who are committed to providing safe and efficient services around the world.

Freight Solution Limited improves profitability for customers by allowing them to focus on their core competencies while managing their logistics to provide superior air freight solutions. Once you choose to deliver by air, we would understand that you can’t handle the stress that comes along with hang-ups so we handle all that for you while we work out an agreement on freight charges.

Working with us, our clients are able to gain more control over their supply chain, work more effectively and increase transportation management efficiency.