At Freight Solution Limited, we understand the importance of a fast and efficient courier service and this is why we provide worldwide and local tailor-made logistics solutions for you and your business. We have tailor-made door-to-door delivery as we know this is usually the most convenient for customers.

Some persons underestimate the delivering to customers directly can be difficult, involving multiple steps from organizing the pick to sorting and consolidating shipments, transporting the items and finally delivering where required. By hiring us, we take care of everything involved with this, helping the individuals and companies involved save time, effort and money on the delivery.

A courier service is advantageous as it saves time and effort, also, allowing you deliver to remote locations. In addition, employing our services means your item is delivered safe especially since we take extra care to ensure the safety of the goods being transported. Also, we provide a quote which allows you save on fuel surcharge and other expenses which might be incurred along the way and as long as the shipment meets the requirements of the chosen service, no additional charges will apply.

We provide 4 major categories of courier:

  • Standard courier service – This is the most basic delivery option and it’s perfect for small and medium parcels. It is a door-to-door type of service and may take 5-7 days for the shipment to arrive at its destination.
  • Express delivery – This delivery is meant for urgent deliveries. It is the fastest and the most expensive delivery option we have.
  • Priority service – This delivery is designed to be done to arrive around 3-5 days.
  • International courier service is designed for courier outside of the country. The price of delivery depends on the country where the item is being shipped to and the type of shipment which is to be employed.

We provide delivery across towns and regions with the prices depending on the distance and size of shipment being transported. We deliver using trucks, cars or motor bicycles depending on which is most suitable.

We aim to provide our clients with the best experience possible and we are constantly working to improve the speed of our deliveries.