Sea or ocean freight is the main means of shipping goods across the world for import and export purposes. The main reasons for this are that it’s cheap, allows for high volume transport and provides the option for FCL or LCL, making sea freight as the top choice for international trade.

Freight Solution Limited has been in the business of helping individuals and companies transport goods across the world for several years. Whether it’s providing small or large cargo shipment, we are available to provide the ocean cargo service required. We can tailor our shipping to the weight, size and shape of your cargo, delivering safe and at the best rates. Also, we handle all documentations and custom protocols, saving you the usual hassles of shipping.

Our sea freight products are in two main categories – Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-Than-Container Load (LCL).


We organize sea freight traffic in a multi-carrier process with the best negotiations with shipping lines for rates, space, free demurrage days, etc. to allowing you save on cost and time of transportation. What you enjoy from the FCL service includes:

  • Professional handling of your cargo
  • An operational staff dedicated to your cargo
  • Savings in cost of shipping
  • Use of cargo-type containers
  • Door-door, port-port, door-port and port-door shipping
  • Consolidated freight from and to almost anywhere in the world.


LCL allows you plan your inventory so that you can order and ship just the right amount of the item required thereby reducing your expenditure on inventory. What you enjoy from the LCL service includes:

  • A self-operated container service which attends to numerous destinations around the world
  • A team of LCL specialists to provide expert assistance
  • Strategically positioned container freight solutions to help with supply chain management
  • Direct routing to guarantee fast, reliable shipments
  • Door-door, port-port, port-door and door-port delivery