At Freight Solution Limited, we have a dedicated team of experts in Amazon FBA delivery whom you can trust to handle your shipping and at the most competitive rates. As a professional Amazon shipping company, we render the following services:

  • Supply shipper service from Amazon warehouses in Asia, EU and North America
  • Space for shipping via air or sea
  • Provide customers with different airline and sea shipping options
  • Easy and fast customs clearance
  • Cargo clearance in foreign countries
  • Professionals on ground in the countries where we ship to which handle clearance, ensuring that the FBA cargo is delivered smoothly and professionally.

Steps involved in shipping to Amazons warehouse

Step 1

Help sellers prepare their goods

Step 2

Arrange pickup

Step 3

Check the package and if required, stick labels

Step 4

Prepare the docs for the custom and handling clearance

Step 5

On the way to Amazon warehouse – 15-25 days by sea and 5-12 days by air

Step 6

Clear out the cargo and move to Amazon’s warehouse

Advantages of signing up to our Amazon FBA shipping service

Worry-free delivery

We deliver timely and on-point to Amazon FBA around the world, allowing you to focus on your core priorities.

Professional services

Trustworthy services to Amazon FBA with the help of experienced professionals who work day and night to ensure every cargo is sent out in perfect condition.

Competitive pricing

With our competitive market pricing, you can rest assured knowing you would get a cost-saving budget which will accelerate the effectiveness of your Amazon FBA Business.

At Freight Solution Limited, we understand the time and hassle which goes into shipping goods to Amazon FBA and as seasoned veterans; we can guarantee safe and reliable shipping which meets your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure you make minimum risks on your investments and work according to the goals of your business to ensure you get timely shipping and most efficient results. We adhere with Amazon’s stringent rules regarding the FBA program and provide well-informed counsel regarding your obligations as a seller to avoid sanctions on your Amazon account, fines or negative ratings.